Entaleqi is a unique platform where women can speak up about their daily struggles and the issues that they normally can’t talk about with anyone to get some answers and emotional, financial, or rational support. If you’re single, engaged, married, divorced or a widow and you’re facing a few problems for which you can’t find a solution this is the place for you!

A Word from the Founder

It all started four years ago right after I got married, I started facing a lot of incidents and completely new experiences, whether good or bad, that at the time I had no idea how to handle and did not expect!

Just like any newly wed woman, I blamed myself for everything that was happening with my marriage. It was only after I opened up and had a small chitchat with a few friends that I found out the horrible yet relieving truth; it wasn’t just me! All my friends were facing similar issues with their spouses and were not talking about it with anyone because they were afraid that no one would understand them and that it’s not normal to be having these issues since no one else ever talks about it.

I soon learned that 80% of the problems that married couples face are exactly the same every time! I was totally triggered to start the first therapy/support group where women can talk about and learn from other women’s experiences freely and without any constraints.

Years later, it became crystal clear to me how much the Egyptian society is in desperate need for education about marriage, love, relationships and last but not least, experts who provide sexual education! This website was created to be the first educational and informative website for all married or about-to-get-married people, to get educated and find help from experts on specific matters when needed.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to educate, support and empower women by enriching them with all the necessary information and help to thrive through different areas in their life generally and specifically through their relationships.

What we do

We offer various sources of info to help and support women through our list of services:

1- Educational 2-3 minute videos with experts giving tips and answers to frequently asked questions on different topics

2- Live interviews with experts in various specializations

3- Articles discussing many interesting topics written by our experts

4- A directory for the best doctors, therapists, sexologists, life coaches and more with all their contact information

To be a part of our empowering community, please contact us