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Azza Abdel Aziz always had the passion to influence and inspire others to find their real purpose and passion in life. She got graduated from Cairo University Faculty of Commerce English section with major in Business administration. She discovered her passion in coaching and guiding people to have a better life when she was in college, she joined a student activity in her first college year called Comet, the experience didn’t only help her to guide people to a more inspiring life but it also changed hers and add a lot to her experience in human development. In her fourth year in college she managed to be the president for Comet which was a dream come true. She worked in several business sectors like, banking, HR, marketing and administration. She is also a frequent guest on several TV and Radio shows. Also she is a writer in what women wants the popular monthly magazine. Azza is a believer and a purpose seeker, as well as a very influencing inspirer.


Started her career in coaching four years ago and got her master degree in NLP December 2016


A certified life coach from (IFCNLP) international federation for coaching and NLP Certified trainer from AUC


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