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Nine myths and misconceptions people have about sex!

The myths and misconceptions we’ve been told or even heard about that might be slightly right or not at all, let’s start and reveal the truth!

The truth behind these claims, “people say – I have heard – my friend told me”!

Honestly, me – myself was too eager to know the truth behind these 😊

1.     Penis size matter in sexual relationships?

There are men who are into boobs more than asses and Vice versa so it differs in terms of preferences, Matters for what, who and how!

But what is common that the size is a sign of glory and Honor for men and having a smaller package can often come with a sense of shame and insecurity.

Knowing that pointing out that a man’s worth is determined by more than the size of his penis, its ultimately about the emotional, physical and sexual connection, but when you talk about the heart or the vision then the size matters 😛

But to highlight also, Penis size matters a little bit as long it’s within the normal size range, but not to the extent that most people think it does. It’s less about the man’s specific size and more about how he fits with his partner.

Some women prefer thickness as opposed to length, which makes more sense….And the number one reason women preferred a thicker penis was that it was more satisfying during intercourse.

General info:

  • Knowing that the typical flaccid penis is 8-9 cm long
  •  1 percent of men worldwide have a penis measuring longer than 20 cm
  • Approximately 70 percent of men worldwide have a penis measuring 15 cm or less

Adding to this, that ladies was not particularly concerned with size and most of them thought men overemphasized the importance of penis size and shape. Generally, women cared more about width than men thought, and less about length.

2.   Finger Length Linked to Penis Size

There has long been rumored to be a link between the size of a man’s hands (and his feet) and the size of his penis… aww, ladies now know where exactly to stare😊

Honestly, I could say that this is all bullshit, but surprisingly its somehow true, the testosterone men get exposed to while they’re still fetuses’ controls both penis and finger length, the researchers explain why it’s somehow kind of related

The report doesn’t conclude that men with short fingers have short penises, men whose index fingers are shorter than their ring fingers may have longer one😉

Conversely, men whose index fingers are longer than their ring fingers may have shorter penises.

Moreover, longer ring fingers mean more sex and more fertility

3.   Bald men better at Sex?

BOOOOOOOOM! it’s a 50/50 Gamble but fine 😉

In fact, they are better in bed …..And yes, the studies affirm

Research found that dihydro-testosterone is converted form of testosterone causes hair follicles on a man’s head to become smaller over time, which then causes blood supply to the hair follicles to be restricted.

When levels of dihydro-testosterone are high in the male body, it is only natural to believe that testosterone levels are also high – testosterone is, after all, required to produce dihydro-testosterone.

4.   Sex affects athletic performance

I think that the Gym’s will be making a fortune out of this “as part of the marketing strategy plan” 😉

There is no evidence that a little consensual sex is anything but good for you and your blood circulation, that’s the reason your workout may increase up your libido 😉 and its a positive effect instead

But this theory has been debated for many years that coaches tells their athletes to abstain from sex before big games or competitions as a safe side strategy.

5.   Can you get pregnant from Pre-Ejaculation?

YES, pre-Ejaculation is a clear fluid that men release when they’re sexually aroused. Although it doesn’t contain any sperm on its own, pre-ejaculate can mix with sperm on its way out of the penis.

Reconsider the pullout for a restricted contraceptive method, because no MAYBE’s Here

6.   Is it true that you can’t get pregnant if the woman doesn’t have an orgasm?

Not really, some people think that a woman’s orgasm helps push the sperm upward but let’s make sure that you’ll get pregnant anytime sperm fertilizes an egg.

7.   Does having sex standing up or with the woman on top protect against pregnancy?

It was told that certain positions, such as standing up, keep sperm from entering the vagina. But this isn’t the case, the Sperm swim quickly against gravity. Even if it seems like the ejaculate would fall out of your body, enough of the sperm could enter and can lead to pregnancy, full stop.

8.   Can I get pregnant if it’s my first-time having sex?

YOU CAN GET PREGNANT ANYTIME YOU HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX, Hewwww!  as long as you’re ovulating, fertile and through penetration

9.   Do you have to bleed on the first night? is it sign for being a virgin  

That question has been repeated millions, but NO you don’t have to bleed and Hell NO its not any kind of sign

Wrapping up, no place on earth is 100% correct resourceful for info, but make sure that your sources for collecting your information and sharing it must be at least from a trustworthy resource, don’t hear or share a story / info that might affect your mental or psychological mental health or raising worries by just something you just heard, adding that people differ, what fits you may not fit me and our reactions are different too.

Be aware from where you built your inner thoughts

By Maissoun Khaled
A marketer , painter and passionate writer

What do you think?

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