Fifty shades Egyptian style

Fifty shades Egyptian style, with all that it carries from meanings and actions…..because “Do you want a regular vanilla relationship with no kinky fuckery at all?” well … Nope!

From Mr. Christian Grey to our simplified version of a husband “whatever the name might be”

Whoever, knew little or never heard about “Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker or Freed” the explicit story line of a twisted sexual bondage, domination, submission, and sadomasochism (BDSM) relationship between the controlling businessman, Christian Grey and the inexperienced college grad, Anastasia Steele.

And from the sexy flower bouquet, private boat trips, shower sex, ice-cream teasing, and the surprise weekend, the list would go on forever….  I know it’s too hard to handle Mr. grey biting his top lip just right, he was really posing and turning on the audience in this movie, apparently, and I’m not complaining.

And again, it’s not about the story line but for the skills Mr. Grey have been practicing with Mrs. Steele 😉

But with our limited men variety resources we currently have, now we will try to make Christian Grey at home or basically adjust the sex direction from a routine to spice up the sex life a bit, the Egyptian version of Mr. Grey would never be identical we all know that, hereby we will upgrade and stimulate what we already have “but at least we will try” and exert some effort to get the best out of it 😊

I know this movie is closest to sci-fi more than romantic fiction, all of this aside and we will try to work things out the best Egyptian way!

And remember No need to be in a full Fifty Shades mode …

Bling bling ….. here we go!

Rules for fifty shades game is:
( Learn to say no, don’t over do it, don’t push limits too much, get off your comfort zone )
  1. As a part of the role-playing Sign your own erotic contract, it can be a fun starting point for an evening’s love making to adding some sugar and spice to your sex, you should tailor your contract and renew it every quarter with new terms and conditions and maybe some “new fantasies opportunities” to be tried.
  2. Shower sex: Sounds easy and doable in any country … but it might also gets dangerous because slippery ground with some action is not safe at all, just be careful, and don’t use too much soap.
  3. No red room yes, but you can still use handcuff “Punishment” Sex, we usually call it make up sex, but this one is more of an angry, pissed off sex in other words “hardcore”.
  4. Seated Oral Sex, lap teasing, this one is mega sexy ….  It must be controllable because the sirrr must command first.
  5. Tied Up to a Couch Sex, teasing is the right key! let him tie you up on the sofa and do what he can do to punish your majesty, but to do whatever he wants “The limits always apply”.
  6. Anna Gave him a haircut, You should give him beard shaving because I guess a haircut with a non professional will ruin the whole relationship, a teasing beard shaving matters, but the rules here goes to the lady be … go far as you can!
  7. Nipples teasing: for men as well as women, nipples have a direct link to their private parts. So, caress, stroke, lick. For extra sensation pinch, then let the pressure off slowly.
  8. Restraint can feel good not only because having wrists or ankles tied enhance sensation but also because it’s wonderful to give and take control. Start by one of you holding the other down while making love. If that feels good, use silk scarves – the free partner gives one-way pleasure while the tied partner relaxes and enjoys.
  9. Blindfolding games, While the blindfolded partner lies down, the seeing partner runs a feather, fingernails, fur, or leather over their skin, and yepppppp believe me it’s such a turn on.

Recap: You can use some other things, blindfold one another, Try Ice Cubes, Have Sex in Different Places, Restraints, Vibrator if possible, Lubricants, spanking, pushing against the wall.

Note:  Make sure it’s safe, your husband role as a dominant doesn’t mean he takes no care of you. So, follow the rules: never do anything either of you dislikes; never leave anyone tied up and on their own; and always have a ‘safe word’ that either of you can use when you want to stop. Fifty Shades play is about trust as well as pushing the boundaries, but safely.

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