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“I’m turned on” Mode is on, but too shy to ask for it!

As simple as it seems “I want to have sex” those simple five words, that can turn a normal night to one of those nights that makes you glow the following day.

Are also one of the hardest ever to verbally and bluntly admit, as we ladies are romantic to the extent if we had no as an answer, this awkward feelings will build up.

Beside we have been raised up to “ GOOD GIRLS DON’T LIKE or want  SEX” not true, Good girls do like and want sex, remember the keyword ( Sex drive) we are humans.

Before going through the details of how to initiate sex with your husband, I would like to highlight that sex is a physical drive that both genders naturally feels and craves, men respond to these urges totally physical and in various of ways and reasons. but giving him physical pleasure, the love he has for you multiplies.

While women, use romance which is more of heart feelings, affection in order to have intimacy and sex. Ladies would experience phases of different emotions, mind emotional cravings and intimacy in order to feel comfortable before having any sexual interaction.

On a side note, you must know that men craves sexual attention beside sex of course, they love being wanted as much as we do, so let’s take a moment and be generous with compliments for the sake of appreciation and also for getting the best out of them.

Moreover,  if you notice something, the key is to identify if your partner looks sexy in specific t-shirt or topless for example 😉 no harm to praise him.

P.S: if your efforts to initiate sex are frequently turned down, don’t give up!!

And don’t just stop and say that you would rather keep your desire to yourself than risk the repetitive rejection.

Remember, the million times you said no because you feel too tired or because you have to wake up early and no time to shower … be patient  

Non verbal initiating sex clues:

Too shy to do the talking, If it’s too tough for you to say it out loud show him 😉

  1. Look sexy, attractive and let your eyes talk men are easily aware if you are in the mood for sex or turned on.
  2. Sexting, if you can’t say it or show it send it 🙂 a message “ Spare some energy for me tonight, don’t exhaust yourself at work” that can make him rush back home, “ I got you a new pair of lingerie and we can try them tonight;)” , “ Make sure, you have no imp. meetings tomorrow early in the morning, I would love to make you late for work”, “ you know what, I miss you, get ready for tonight;)”
  3. Hang a sticky note on the bedroom door “ Hazard, take your clothes off before entering the room for safety”
  4. Explore more things in bed, send him an article for a new position you would love to try and book him for that night.
  5. Date night, send him an invitation to be sent formally on his personal email, with the theme, dress code, menu, date and time and the lingerie colour as well .. now he knows your intentions;)
  6. Name your private parts and use signals only both of you could understand in front of people these teasing could turn him on easily.
  7. Cuddling in front of a movie, bathing together, massage with aromatic oil and lazing in bed naked would lead you to it.
  8. Keep him on his toes, touch him a lot and it’s an open invitation for joining you in bed and wait to see how does he respond.
  9. You want it, whisper it up in his ears “ if he wants to have more fun tonight?”
  10. Babe, I’m going to bed, if you come within the next 10 mins we may still have sometime, Wink;)
  11. Come behind him, wrap your arms around him and whisper anything sexy.
  12. Watching a movie, put your hand exactly where you know he wants it…. And you know;)
  13. Sometimes “I want you now” is breathtaking try to say it.
  14. Neck kiss him while he is playing a game, watching TV or working on his computer and escalate the gesture later.
  15. The element of surprise can boost the sexual feelings and nonverbal “come on” can be unexpected and more intimate.
  16. Men feels loved if you served him with tender care, let him know you are turned on because of him.

At last, staying in bed beside him while you saying: Babe, do you remember on our honeymoon it took us a whole afternoon to leave the hotel room 😉

It’s simple, keep him aware you are turned on because he is sexy to you.

Ladies, Sex is the main meal at the banquet of sexual expression, so if you feel you want it with him initiate it, it really bonds you quickly and it’s really powerful for the relationship, emotions and feelings grow easily and it worth, day by day you will be confident about experimenting to find more initiating tools, make more memories, and the more you have sex the more you’ll feel comfortable accepting preferences, limits, positions, techniques, kinks and fantasies.

And engaging in sex with him will become way more fun, addicting and fulfilling.

By Maissoun Khaled 
A marketeer, painter and passionate writer

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