Ladies, you are not obliged to do so!

“How can’t you cook? When you get married, you won’t be a good housewife” …….Every girl has heard these sentences with being convinced that this is what she really has to do

But wait a moment, who said that whenever the woman decides to be a wife, she will automatically choose to be a housewife who should cook, clean….etc, without thinking that she may choose to be a working wife?

Either choices of being a housewife or a working wife are correct when the decision is taken by the woman’s free will with her full consent without any outer pressure that the society set for the woman’s gender roles which we became its victims by the age of four!

There are many men who cook and serve themselves; cooking is not specified for women. Remember that there are lots of women who work successfully….to self-actualize themselves or even share in the house’s income. So for God’s sake forget about the groom’s cooking tests during the engagement, so he guarantees a future fill of his tummy that satisfies him after a tiring day of work.

Actually, life won’t stop because of a meal but when there is a lack of affection, support, psychological and physical security, confidence, and mercy between couples.

These are not conditions or standards, from the beginning, for a marriage or a good life between couples who live almost their lives together without considering the character, morals, and attitude of the woman.

House is a mutual responsibility!
Housework and its management is a mutual responsibility between the husband and wife; it is not a specified role for the woman who lifts the house over her shoulder daily and the result is excess fatigue while the man can’t figure out, what’s wrong?

They should agree upon how to share the house responsibility equally on them in a way that satisfies them. Also, the husband

should get used to help you with the housework and problems. Otherwise, it will be okay for him to be lazy.

When the woman is sick or tired, she has the right to relax for some time and when she needs a hand from her husband, he should help her in this case. He can help with the housework for days as it is his house as hers.


By Shaden Ali
A film freak enough to enjoy all sort of movies and like digging
into scientific and cultural topics. Also film-making and photography
is one of her multi talents that enables her to capture ordinary details with a fresh angle.

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