How to help my 35 years old husband to advance in his career


How to help my 35 years old husband to advance in his career and get a good job. He has the skills but has been unlucky to find a suitable job. Any tips?


Career coaching can help your husband by letting him first answer these questions; what is my current job title and level ? What is my career aspirations? What are my current skills? How many years of experience do I have? What are my plans for the next 3 years? What is my passion in general? What is my dream job? What is my expectations from the career coach? Why do I want to have more advanced skills? Is my target to change my job for more money or for a better working environment? Are my skills really need to improve or not? By answering these questions, I will build a customized case and will be able to give you a career advice. At the end of the day, the client is the expert and the coach can only guide him/her through their sincere answers to the coach’s questions.

Lubna Ismail
Certified ICF Career Coach

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