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10 Top Sexy Costume Ideas For Women

After years of marriage, busy lifestyle with kids, work…etc, many couples get bored of their intimate life. Women keep asking what can I do more? any ideas to spice things up? any hope to feel sexy and desired again? Well there are so many ideas to spice things up and get the flare back but today we’ll help you with one idea which is “COSTUMES”

Costumes can add a new taste, new perspective and definitely new experience 😉

Some women feel embarrassed wearing costumes thinking they don’t have the perfect body for it, while actually it doesn’t matter what your weight is, whether you have stretchmarks or excess belly fat…etc, all it requires is the right attitude!

Just choose the costume you like, put on some makeup, do your hair and walk into the room feeling sexy and confidence, and we guarantee you that your man will be amazed on his knees in less than a second 😉

We will now help you with 10 different costume ideas and to make it easier, you can shop for them online from and be delivered to your doorstep:

1- Sexy Santa

Well its winter and Christmas….even if its over its never late for a secret Santa visit baby 🙂

2- Police Officer

This costume will never get old!!!

3- The Devil

No caption needed…its the devil

4- Bunny

For the bunny you have two options; either the pink cute bunny or the dark sided bunny

5- French Maid

Enough with the house cleaning and go clean the bedroom

6- Wonder Woman

Every girl is waiting for Superman to come save her, and same goes for men 😀

7- Sexy Nurse

Someone didn’t take his medicine

8- Sexy School Girl

Feel young, sexy and full of energy with this costume

9- Harley Quinn

Girls usually fall for the bad boys, well its time for them to fall for Harley Quinn

10- Sexy Navy

You can never go wrong with this costume

What do you think?

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